The Everest Way – Leading into the Future

You have only achieved what you set forth to do – once you have reached it!

Foto Everest Way

Everest made me realize we can program the hard drive that is the brain.

If I could – so can you!

Are you striving for a future worth living?

Do you want to ignite your breakthrough – The Everest Way – to accomplish domino affects you never imagined would come within range?

Are you want to lead for the future?

Do you want to mobilize renewed hope and continuous fighting stamina in yourself and your company?

Do you want to transform and innovate NOW?

The Everest Way – install WILL to transform Status Quo and innovate the future.

The Everest Way mobilize quantum leap missions, risk willingness, self-responsibility and extreme perseverance.

The Everest Way sustains groundbreaking innovation from grandiose inkling to hard-won implementation.

I conceived mental self-programming, to become able to summit Mount Everest May 10, 1996.

The Everest Way offers 3 universal principles that explodes ALL limitations


Do you want to experience an inner focused momentum that you have never encountered before?

Bold action again and again and again……..


When Scott Fischer in July 1995 posed his simple question? “Do you want to climb Mount Everest with me in the spring of 1996?”  Something happened that transformed my life. I can only describe the process as an inner quantum leap explosion. To prepare for summiting Mount Everest on May 10, 1996, I innovated mental self-programming. My mantra was and is: To the summit and safe return! Today, neuro research substantiate that we can ignite synaptic innovation by mentally focusing on novel scenarios.

Do you want to experience a profound mobilizing momentum that pushes you to pursue what you have never achieved before?

  • An existential mission statement provides direction, simplifies decision-making, solves dilemmas and brings together everyone’s energy towards contributing to the greater good – the prerequisite for making a difference.
  • The will to suffer is the foundation of all success. The realization of visions requires continuous focus, adaptation to changing market conditions, effective problem solution – no matter what. Perseverance and risk willingness – over and over and over again.
  • Achieving a satisfying sustainable impact in the world requires so much more than we initially want to believe. With the right mental preparedness – we might achieve IT!
45-60 min. 5.000 – 10.000 EURO
For longer courses and work-shops, we find a price that secures your worth while return of investment.

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