Mission calling from World Economic Forum

Strive for a livable Future – commit to improving the state of the world

World Economic Forum – Committed to improve the State of the World

World Economic prospects for 2018

The world economy has strengthened and lingering fragilities related to the global financial crisis are subsiding.

But – we are living in a fractured world. Today’s humane predicament requires interested parties to engage in responsible efforts to innovate the foundations of societies.

To commit to strive for the greater good of humankind.

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In past decades, the countries that evolved through widely distributed prosperity had a potent social contract as their guiding mission. Equalizing struggles to sharing prosperity between capital and labor. Hard won uniting commitment and responsibility for the future.

Today we witness a spreading awareness that capitalism are THE global guiding principles – a “human misusing matrix”, where business is the winner.

Human beings need profound universal meaning – to commit.

How can we innovate recovery efforts to strive for a better future and take responsibility to solve the moral-social crisis?

Business, with its global span and influence, can take the lead.

How to discard the negative effects of repetitive patterns of capitalism and stop doing more of the same – in an attempt to produce us out of a paradigm shift – towards DECENCY LEADERSHIP & HUMAN INNOVATION.

Business is a major stakeholder in the shape of the global economic and human scheme.

Business leaders can play a leading role.

Decency Leadership is a simple solution to complex challenges.

To strive beyond Status Quo we must focus as much on the quality of economic growth as on the quantity, traditionally measured by GDP.

We must ensure the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds with humanity at its center. Because that is the only strategy for long-term business success. And Global sustainability.

We can only strive for a better future for humankind to the extent of your passion and your engagement.

Commit locally – change Globally.

My hope is that you will be intrigued by the exponential pioneering development potential – The Everest Way programming mobilizes.

Strive for a better future – commit to improving the state of the world.

Human Innovation & Decency Leadership will ignite novel business opportunities, because most want to commit to a leader and an organization that makes a difference in the world.

We can influence our shared future – One Brain at the Time.

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