Want the secret of how not to fail as a leader? It is simple….


The cycle of visions


Over the past 20 some years I have been passionately excavating the fundamentals of authentic leadership.

Beeing an Everest summitter and survivor taught me hard won fundamental lessons about leadership in Radical Times. I experienced leaders, who perished and others who still install respect, in others, even though they are no longer among the living. People do recognize genuine leadership, when they encounter it.

It is not difficult, on the contrary, the universal building blocks of great and transforming leadership are down to earth and availabe to everyone.

The extensive amount of research on why leadership still is a ? in spite of extensive investments in leadership education, never stops puzzling me……

1. The hard part is truly to excavate what you genuinely stands for. Once you discover what gives meaning – how can you transform that into processes or products? How can you contribute to the greater good of your organization, your community etc. in the long run?

If we only stive for greater turn over – at any costs – it is just a matter of time, before we fail. Whatever we market, we must give value to the world!

2. You must be able to mobilize others through your mission. People want to commit to a leader or an organization, who makes a difference in the world. DO YOU?


3. “The Will to Suffer” You and your team have not reached what you set out to do, until you have reached it. No matter what it takes, no matter what you must adapt to, no matter how long it takes.

Basicly – we can boil Leadership down to – WHO are you as a human being?

Are you decent enough  – also when the going gets so rough you cannot hide behind title and salery? – Why should I commit my ressources and aspirations in your direction?

It seems that most people across cultures, independent of social status etc. adhere to Decency Leadership. Just reflect upon – what made Nelson Mandela such a transforming leader?

That’s the CRUX. We have been through a decade of “loss of wisdom” – expansion of greed and swift sucess. That Matrix is dwindling though – because its’ foundation is short term gains.

My experience is that most transformations – in reality – craves so much more than we want to acknowledge. We MUST adapt to experience based facts and dare to teach upcoming leaders about the long term commitment true transformative leadership is.

I learned a crucial lesson from fellow climber Anatoli Boukreev, when I was compelled to climb Mount Everest in 1996. On the trek into base camp, Anatoli confronted me with the following:

“If you want to climb Everest, you must have the will to suffer”

Who wants suffering to be part of achieving success?

Do any of the worlds MBA’s teach – will to suffer?

This insight has been my overall guiding strategy ever since Everest. Time and agin – I aim high, pursue extraordinary quests. With that urge comes frustration, exhaustion, feelings of giving up, because I do not achieve what I aim for as easily as I envision.

I am a frontrunner and a woman in a male dominated environment, on top of being a normal human being trying to make ends meet, as the single mother of three children.

Knowing that Anatoli gave me the most profound gift of all – the awarness – that no matter how tough the going gets – no matter how long it takes – I push the mental “Will to suffer” button. Yes it feels impossible, but I just keep pursuing my lifemission – in spite of all hardships. Over and over again – I experience – just as I did on Everest, that when I implement my hard won leadership experience, and keep disciplining myself accordlingly, I accomplish lifegoals – and business goals – where others do not……

Life is tough, Leadership is excessively demanding, if you truly aspire to become a leader that ignites momentum in the organization – and the world.

Risk willingness of stressing – The will to suffer – while talking Business

Today I risk – stressing “The will to suffer” as determining to long term success or failure, when I lecture and give Business Talks. You need stamina and excessive perseverance kindled by striving for a better future, in business as well as in life.

Wanting to make a living – as a Global Business Mobilizer

None of us wants to be the bearer of the true challenges of being a decent leader.

It’s so much more profitable to promise – swift success….

2016-04-15 15.51.57-10

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