Nurturing an enticing winning organizational culture is more important than marketing

The way employees are inspired to utilize their untapped resources in your organization – is more important than marketing.

Creating a victorious company culture is a secret weapon that leading, pioneering organisations utilize to gain a sustainable advantage
in the global competion.

Decency Leadership - Lead the Future

Igniting a conducive environment for individuals to grow, commit the best of themselves and excel at what they do, results in greater and sustained success due to the co-creation of employees, who thrives while working towards purpose giving goals.

Marketing is an ongoing excalating source of spending money to get potential customers attention. With the growing world-wide connectivity, trying to create awareness is taking up substantial more time as well as economic investment. As consumers we are becomíng accustomed to new information at a faster and faster pace. Consequently we invest more time and money in getting notised in cyberspace etc. An exponential, never ending repetitive and costly proces.

I am not advocating for organizations to abandon marketing, but sustained success cannot be driven by marketing alone.

Now consider a company that spends as many resources on improving the quality of its culture, employees and results as it does on activities like marketing.

This company doesn’t run adverts on why their customer service is the best in the market, they simply live it every day because the employees are proud of their work and understand why it is important to maintain a certain standard.

Such a company keeps its existing clients, while the reputation of the quality of the service they provide earns them new ones. Organizations consisting of committed co-workers with purpose  has clients that are willing to pass on other offers just to get theirs. Because there is something special that sticks.

Creating a purposegiving and innovative culture is about nurturing an environment that makes success tangible by nourishing continuous growth:

What is the existential life mission that justifies this company?

  • Distinction: a blueprint that’s hard for competitors to imitate.
  • Values: clear values that shape individual and collective behaviour.
  • Standards: measurable excellence expectations across the organisation.
  • Belonging: a deep personal ownership and a sense of togetherness.

Each of these is not achieved overnight but are critical to sustain a culture that leads into the future. More and more leaders are catching on to the importance of crafting a unique culture.

These leaders have come to understand that ‘the way we do things around here’ is equally important to ‘what‘ we are doing.

“Once organizational development is properly understood and placed into the right context, it will surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage. Really” – Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage.

Decency Leadership and Human Innovation are the greatest opportunities for igniting improvement and competitive advantage! To cultivate an environment where individuals have trust from above, are set free to mobilize their untapped potential, within the overall visionary framework of the organization!

In the contemporary matrix of globalization – A winning culture is no longer a nice to have or the preserve of the few excellent organizations with good leaders.

Decency Leadership and Human Innovation – are is the game changers today – for all who wants to lead for the future.

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