What if I tell you??? Will you do it???

What if I tell you there was something that you and your employees can do right now that would have an immediate, positive benefit for your business prospects including the overall collaboration culture in your organization?

And what if I tell you that IT innovates on an individual level

And what if I tell you that anyone can do IT and IT costs nothing

And what if I tell you that IT serves expansion into the Future

And what if I tell you that I have personally tested IT in the most extreme environment – and IT worked


Will you do it?

Citat Futurize the everest way


I am talking about the powerful effects of disciplining the brain. Neuroprogramming has immediate, long-lasting benefits for the rest of your life.


I want to share my story about how I came to my experience based understanding of neuroscience. I invented an experiment with myself in which I discovered the science underlying the most transformative thing that you can do for your progress today.

When I said YES and committed to want to climb Mount Everest in 1996 something unprecedented happened in my brain. I experienced the brain-transforming effects of wanting something – enough.

I experimented with myself without knowing the actual effects. And I did it in a completely inadvertent way.

Committing ALL towards Everest was changing my brain.

I encountered something that was so amazing, with the potential to change so many lives, that I have dedicated my life to expand and share it.

I am passionately dedicated to Human Innovation.


Everest changed my Brain!

Because I experienced a quantum leap transformation process when I said yes to want Everest, learned how to program my will while preparing mentally for 6 months before actually setting foot on the mountain, to push through when the going got rough and surviving where others did not – I have dedicated myself to study neuroscience and expand Human Innovation and promote Decency Leadership as a simple solution to complex challenges.


Today Neuroscience uncovers more and more about the most complex structure known to humankind. Our Brain. The more I learn, the more research supports what I experienced in myself – how powerful the human hard drive – our Brain is. Which recently led me to the risky decision to completely shift my focus towards expanding The Everest Way – Human Innovation – because taking charge over our own brains is so amazing, with the potential to transform so many lives.

We can affect our common future

We can commit to improving the state of the world

One Brain at the Time!





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