Are you striving for a Future worth living?

Hi, are you striving for a Future worth living?

Welcome to Lene Gammelgaard – Human Innovation – The Everest Way.

If you are striving for a future worth living – I offer you and your team experience based mental strategies, backed by neuro research – that can mobilize untapped potential within you and whoever you introduce these universal – selfdisciplining methodical steps to.


Become the frontrunner within your industry globally

I was exploded into a quanteleap development process – when I embraced the opportunity to scale Mount Everest as the first Nordic woman back in 1996. Something extraordinary happened within me. I became so profoundly mobilized from within, that nothing could stop my progressive momentum.
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A deep purpose propelled me from within to explode and overcome all limitations and obstacles. I transformed into someone I had never been before. The igniting force of focussing beyond what i had been able to accomplish to date, activated and developed untapped potential and will power – Human Innovation – The Everest Way.
I sincerely want to offer this innovative process to as many people as possible.


The World Economic Forum 2018 – raises the bar for business to become responsible co-creaters of a shared Global Future

Decency Leadership & Human Innovation
Are you committed to improving the state of the world as part of your existential mission statement?
Do your organization have a genuine purpose – beyond profit, that can serve as your GPS into the Future?
Do you?

Are you striving beyond Status Quo?

Are you striving for a livable Future?

Are you – on a good day – curious about expanding your influence towards The Greater Good of Humankind?
I will share Human Innovation & Decency Leadership – simple solutions to complex challenges.
Because we can influence the future – One Brain at the time.

Strive for a livable Future – commit to improving the state of the world

Mission calling from World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum – Committed to improving the state of World


World Economic Forum

World Economic prospects for 2018

The world economy has strengthened as lingering fragilities related to the global financial crisis subside. In 2017, global economic growth reached 3 per cent—the highest growth rate since 2011—and growth is expected to remain steady for the coming year.  The improved global economic situation provides an opportunity for countries to focus policy towards longer-term issues such as low carbon economic growth, reducing inequalities, economic diversification and eliminating deep-rooted barriers that hinder development. To commit to strive for the greater good of humankind.
Today’s humane predicament requires interested parties to engage in responsible efforts to innovate the foundations of societies.
In the past decades, countries that evolved through widely distributed prosperity had a potent social contract as their guiding mission. Equalizing struggles to sharing prosperity between capital and labor.
Today we witness a spreading awareness that capitalism is THE global guiding principle – a “human misusing matrix” – where business is the winner. Moreover, individuals are reduced to producing units or numbers in statistics.


Human beings need profound universal meaning – to commit

How can we innovate correcting efforts to strive for a better future and take responsibility to decipher the social-moral crisis?
How to discard the repetitive patterns of capitalism and stop doing more of the same – in an attempt to produce us out of a paradigm shift – towards DECENCY LEADERSHIP & HUMAN INNOVATION.
Business, with its global span and influence, can take the lead. Business is a major stakeholder in the shape of the global economic and human scheme.
Business leaders can play a leading role. Decency Leadership is a simple solution to complex challenges.

To strive beyond Status Quo we must focusing as much on the quality of economic growth as on the quantity of it as traditionally measured by GDP

Decency Leadership - Lead the Future
We must ensure the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds with humanity at its center. Because that is the only strategy for long-term success. Global stability.
We can only strive for a better future for humankind to the extent of your passion and your engagement.


Commit locally – transform Globally

Utilize NOW to catalyze action from your groundbreaking ideas – to commit to improving the state of the world.
My hope is that you will be intrigued by the exponential pioneering development potential – The Everest Way programming mobilizes.
Strive for a better future – commit to improving the state of the world.
Because most want to commit to a leader and an organization that makes a difference in the world.


We can all influence our shared future – One Brain at the Time


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