The World’s Most Innovative Behavior Change Strategy

Motivational Speak: NeuroLeadership

The World’s Most Innovative Behavior Change Strategy

Innovate leaders – create the future

Create the future – innovate leaders


Do you strive beyond Status Quo?

Do you strive for a future worth living?

NeuroLeadership – Develop exponentianal leadership  – for the greater good.

Acquire understanding of neuroscience theory as it relates to leading change at any scale.

Learn cutting-edge research-based tools to help you lead effectively.

Your Brain is your GPS for the future!Leadership for redical times


Strive to become the leading company in your industry globally.

Book: NeuroLeadership to innovate extraordinary pioneering visions to co-create the future!

Think out of your habitual framework and innovative strategies and results will follow!


One of the most important insights in our decade is NeuroLeadership – Mental Programming. Neuro research supports you can innovate resources by disciplining how you think and act. NeuroLeadership is infinitely multipliable and costs nothing. Would that be something for you? I offer 3 mental strategies – The Everest Way – to program yourself and your organization to innovate people through leadership in radical times.

Do not wait – START NOW – INNOVATE the FUTURE FIT organization.

Innovate leaders – create the future.

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Innovate people with Human Innovation.

Escalate Visions!

Discipline integrity!

Just do it!

Continue to do it – until it works!

The Everest Way – is mental brain programming that mobilize individuals, who will be co-creators of the future. I invented 3 universal strategies that explode all limitationss when I set out to climb Mount Everest May 10, 1996.

The Everest Way – Mental Strategies that mobilize leaders, organizations and individuals to be co-creators of the future.

Our complex reality requires that we renew and transform leadership.

Human Innovation begins with unorthodox, controversial = innovative thoughts.

The leader must create a self-governing organization through a mobilizing mission statement. Our brain is our GPS to the future.

We can transform the future – one brain at a time!

Most talented people want to commit to a leader or an organization that makes a difference in the world. An organizational commitment to contribute your unique industry to improve the state of the world – encourage employees to mobilize self-responsibility. NeuroProgramming – innovates humans through mental techniques that sustains your long-term goals.

Book NeuroLeadership to strive to become the leading company in your industry globally.


Project- and process tool – that will sustain you for life!

How does the brain work? Neuroplasticity.

Igniting NeuroLeadership – clarify your Mission statement – Develop a simple mantra

Are your brain and your organization programmed for long-term success?

Expansion through NeuroLeadership costs nothing!

Is it that simple?


50-60 minutes Keynote

Price: 5.000 – 15.000 Euro   For work-shops, facilitation and longer seminars, we find a price to secure your worth while return of investment.



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