Great leaders are driven – and become exhausted


Drive   Step 7 of TOP 10 Leadership Skills


Human leaders are driven and drives others to create outstanding results with limited resources. Authentic people leaders are driven to innovate solutions and opportunities from nothing.

Individuals who pursue their inner core convictions and through this inner drive become Leaders in the true sense of invigorating through lending purpose and direction to other peoples lives.

Driven yet humble leaders can be counted on to drive results from vision to bottom line – no matter how long it takes. They build to last.

Such individuals brace through tough times – as they have experienced from life that you truly have no other option than to adapt and make the most of whatever circumstances.

Driven Global Shapers think up novel future scenarios to pursue for the Greater Good. Because pursuing self-induced life goals are the foundation of their very existence. The fuel that wakes them up in the mornings. The GPS Waypoints that mobilizes new vitalizing initiatives. Changes them, people and the World.

Getting into the future with a demanding vocation and taxing contemporary challenges requires avid faith in yourself. And the discipline to develop stamina to pursue visions in spite of exhaustion and doubt. To succeed over time – we must allow ourselves to pause and regenerate – when exhaustion would lead to burn-out – if we do not stop for a while. Fire and rewire to be capable of transforming  your life purpose from vision to reality.

Disciplining will power – is why some people with mediocre talent, but with inner drive, go much further than people with vastly superior talent and no drive.

Inner Drive mobilizes dynamism and energy from within. Propels you onward. Risk again and again and again…..

Drive might be a genetic character trait, but most people can discipline drive in themselves, when they decide to focus on finding out what their lives should truly be about.

Everyone can mobilize inner drive through discovering their life purpose. As a leader you can ignite this possibility in others – if you offer the people you lead unexpected possibilities for the future.

And trust that they have what it takes……………..




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