35% of employees are willing to waive a salary increase in order to have their manager dismissed


How can leaders advance sustainable development in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
Extensive new research among more than 35,000 executives and interviews with 250 top executives shows that

35% of employees are willing to waive a salary increase in order to have their manager dismissed

77% of managers believe they are good at engaging their employees

88% of employees say their leaders are bad at engaging them

despite the fact that 46 billion dollars are spent on leadership development annually.

“Lene is 1 of Top 10 Business Motivational Speakers in the World!”

I want to let you know that your lifelong message of hope, positive action, self-help and attitude have been an inspiration to me for many years. In my role as a recruiter I coach people daily on the challenges they face supporting demanding clients in business cultures that are ambiguous and sometimes just mean. It resonates well with me that you have use your experiences Climbing High as a platform to motivate others. I feel like you have mentored and enabled me to do the same thing for many people and I wanted to thank you for that.

John Triggs | Senior Technical Recruiter| Genesis10 for mid sized to Fortune 100 companies

“Lene really did transform the entire organization with words!”

FUTURIZE THE EVEREST WAY – innovate missions and leadership to accomplish what has never been achieved before.

global goals

FUTURIZE THE EVEREST WAY is 1 of the world’s most effective transformation processes for individuals, social entrepreneurs, managers, leaders and entire organizations.

FUTURIZE THE EVEREST WAY Provides simple solutions for complex transformations in I4.0 – and mobilize individuals who lead the future.

World Economic Forum


Futurist Lene Gammelgaard



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