Let innovate meaningful fun in our work-and life. Mobilize you personal Global Sustainability contributing mission and help save our planet:)


We can innovate the future – one brain at the time.

FUTURIZE THE EVEREST WAY – to achieve what has never been accomplished before.

Actually i am beginning to feel – how fortunate we are – confronted with the massive challenges to innovate solutions to the problems we have created for ourselves in this era.

The Global Sustainability Goals are a gift to humankind. Just think about it…..

Most people more or less consciously – seek meaning in our existence. Is there one………….. Genetically it’s survival and reproduction….. Because we live longer than most species and have a reflecting capacity – best case scenario – we innovate meaning – depending on which timeage we inhabit.

Several modern problems – like depression f.eks – derives somewhat from not findig meaning…. More and more surveys reveal that employees and leaders for that matter – cannot see meaning in what they are doing………

SO – in the global goals SDG – we are given a compelling mission matrix – how exhilerating is it not – to be a co-inventor of the largest global transformation since the BIG BANG?

Life has tought me that profund upheveals often comes from people – not always the leaders who claim they have solutions.

I belive most human beings want to contribute – and in this era of connectivity – we all have a voice.

I promote the tremendous hope and innovation mobilizing potential in the Global Sustainability Goals.

Every one on this globe can gain empowerment through innovating your personal mission as a commitment to achieving what has never been accomplished before.

If every person on the planet – just 1 time in their life – pick up 1 piece of plastic – that adds up to a major contribution in reducing our global plastic problem.

We might not all have global impact – but we all have personal and local impact.

We just have to think about whatever would add meaing and direction to our lives – transform it into a mission statement within the Matrix of the Global Sustainability Goals and then take personal action.

An everyday example from my life as a single parent to 3 kids. We were at the Blue Planet in Copenhagen and i saw 3 relatively small cylinders excemplifying the plastic in our oceans now – in 2030 and in 2050. It scared the living daylight out of me. I love sailing and i want my kids to be able to swim in clear water. Intellectually I had heard the statistics etc. but that very simple exhibiton made an unforgettable imprint. From that day – I gather all plastic on my way. Just the bits and pieces between the parking lot at my kids school and their classroom. They are becoming aware and my daugther refuses to brush her teeth in Colgate toothpaste with micro plast stars. I never knew – she was 8 when she acted on her awareness.

Thats why I am so positively excited – we are truly all co-inventors of the future we want to live in.

We can actually change the world – one brain at the time.

Even more mobilizing is – that the 17 Goals – are meaningful. So when we start innovating our personal mission for what we find is most important – we also innovate focus and meaning in our lives.

The great bonus also is – we do not have to wait for somebody to hire us or change the world for us – WE DO IT OURSELVES – ON OUR TERMS – THE WAY WE BELIEVE IN.

Are you mobilizing a live-able future?

Commit to improve the state of the world to invent meaning in work and life.

If we act individually, locally – we impact globally.


Let’s make it happen – and have meaningful fun!

If you run a business – Book: Lene Gammelgaard to transform the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development into your personal compelling mission.

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